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Java Download (see below): jDC: terms-of-use-policy
Java is a software technology that provides functionality to run complex software system applications in web-browsers such as Mozilla FireFox. Java technology is used to run: computer software, kitchen appliances, SmartPhones to the NASA Mars mission rovers - it is everywhere.

Our terms-of-use-policy stipulates that we support only the latest Oracle Java SE-JRE release version with a one week overlap with the previous release; SE stands for 'Standard Edition'; JRE stands for 'Java Runtime Environment'; 'u1' stands for update-1 (see below). Please see our 'terms-of-use-policy' document. In some cases, all the versions of jDC online from the jDC website may require the latest Java version, as they may be compiled with only that version.

Supporting only the latest Java version(s) (which are extensively tested by Oracle) allows us to focus development on only the latest version and thus delivery better end results. In today's technology environment it makes no sense to support previous Java versions for which release updates are already online/available.

The three links below all lead to and provide the same end result; and are alternatives. Three are provided just in case any one link is causing problems or isn't sufficiently clear.

Convenient Latest Java Download for jDC users (SE-JRE) v1.7.0u06-b07 here:
* v7.0.0u06 b07 (win-32-bit) (2012-04-23) (~18 MB zip) [latest & recommended]
* v7.0.0u04 b19 (win-32-bit) (2012-04-05) (~18 MB zip)
* v7.0.0u04 b18 (win-32-bit) (2012-04-04) (~18 MB zip)

Download Developer's Preview Release Oracle Java (SE-JRE) v1.7.0u06 here:
(recommended for jDC users):
* jDK 7 / java.net

Download Official Oracle Java (SE-JRE) v1.7.0u03 here:
* Oracle Java download page.

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