jDC: Java Debt Collection Software
jDC: Debt Collection $oftware
Debt Collections & Accounts Recovery / 2006 May - 2012 Sep 13 (6+ yrs)

Requirements: Java (SE) v1.7u10+ (click here) (Oracle Java HotSpot recommended).
java.Applets built with v1.7u10-b06 compiler.

Terms of Use: click here. / requirement: Java (SE) v1.7u10-b06.

please note: application will open in a new tab.

Latest: v.603-01 (please check that you are running the latest - if not - then please refresh F5 the web-page).

jDC: collection $oftware uses the advanced rexJava.com :: rxLiquidGlassInterface().
Support files, documents and server-side performance transaction statistics...

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